Interior Design


        When working with residential clients Annie’s goal is to create living spaces that help define their personal sense of style. These designs reflect a client's own lifestyle encompassing their life philosophies, travels, and experiences. Annie personally caters to her client’s desires whether working with a blank canvas or designing a specific area that needs to compliment the rest of the home.
        When working for a commercial client it is Annie’s goal to design an efficient and inviting environment so the interior can be profitable and work for the business owner’s needs. It is important that the environment is in line with the requirements of the specific business so the client can thrive and make the most out of their interior space. Annie can work with new businesses, or companies that are looking to rebrand and update their images.



        As a Stylist Annie has worked with some of the best known brands in today’s advertising world such as Target, Wal-Mart, St. Regis Hotels, American Express, and Hershey’s. She has also been published in InStyle Magazine, Oprah Magazine, Bon Appetite, Ocean Drive, and People in Español. As a stylist, Annie is represented by Ford Artist. Annie is multifaceted and her talents range from creating very lifelike sets to styling high fashion models.

        Annie’s unique history of being born and raised in Miami and educated and trained in New York City, give’s her a native’s resourcefulness combined with a strong work ethic and a keen sense of trends. Her experience as an editor has made her acutely aware of her client’s desire to grab the consumer’s attention. Annie has also worked with the W Hotel, Island Def Jam Records, and was a contributing stylist to The Nest Home Design Handbook.


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Event Design

        As a Merchandiser, Annie's main goal is the attraction of the consumer's attention that ultimately results in a retail sale. Whether it is a product display, store shelves, or a window, Annie uses her skills as a stylist and designer to create displays that are beautifully proportioned, brightly colored and enticing so the consumer not only attracted to the display, but they want to aspire to live like the brand. 

​        Annie has also worked with such recognized brands as Missoni Home, Marshal's, Juicy Couture, and William Sonoma for special in-store shopping events.​


        As an Event Designer, Annie works with her clients to help them manifest their dreams into reality when it comes to their special event. She uses her talents and skills to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind parties, weddings, showers, or special events that wows the crowd and satisfies her client's wishes. 

        Whether the client needs inspiration and ideas or they need someone to execute their vision, Annie uses her resources to put on a party of a lifetime. She uses her keen sense of style and her impeccable taste  to combine all of the right elements such as the décor, lighting, music, entertainment, props, and cuisine to ensure the party flows and that each guest has an amazing time.